L→R TOMMY(Gt)、AYANA(Gt), JIK(Vo,Synth), KEN a.k.a KAYCO(Dr), THOM(Ba)

This Is Electro Funk!!

Rock meets Electro x Chemistry= Electo Funk!!

Let's Dance!!


Formed 2005.

Of’em sound sucked Techno,Disco,Funk and the Breakbeats into their tricky digital funk called “IKASAMA Digital Funk”,make you mad on the dancefloor.

Acted up at Musicfest in Taiwan,Thailand. Also played with EU artist such as Blackmail and other remix. Tied-up with Japanese sports shop MURASAKI SPORTS.

Their acts jumped over the border and the trades,expamd acts “Absolute Borderless”.

Their performance is always rushed such as “You bloody idiot men!Fucking danceable sound!”

2nd album ‘IDIOTWERK’ Released in 2015

1st EP "One Step Closer" Released in 2017

2015/07 Performed  Stepping Stone Festival in Korea

2017/06 Performed  Rrandom Music Festival in Catalonia

JIK    Vocoder,Vocal,Synthesizer

KEN a.k.a.  KAYKO Drums

AYANA Guitar

TOMMY   Guitar

THOM   Bass

2011/04 Performed in Spring Scream in Taiwan.


2011/05/11 1st album ‘DirtyGroove’ Release.


2011/11/29 Self produced live performance with audience of 200 in Shibuya.


2011/12 Performed in Big Mountain Music Festival in Thailand.


2012/04 Performed in Spring Scream in Taiwan.


2013/12/20 Released new song ‘IDIONWERK’ from popular web sight Hi-Hi Whoopee.


2014 Tie-up with Japanese sports shop Murasaki Sports.


2015 Performed in Remix album of Spanish band ‘Fast Forward’.


2015/07 Performed in Stepping Stone Festival in Korea


2015/11/11 2nd album ‘IDIOTWERK’ FREE DOWNLOAD Release.


2016/04 Performed in Spring Scream in Taiwan.


2017/06/23 1st EP ‘One Step Closer’ Limited Venue Release.


2017/06 Performed in Rrandom Music Festival in Catalonia.


2017/08 Beijin Tour 2017 in China.

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