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CONNECT 2014/10/01(WED) at Yokohama Thumbs Up OPEN/START 19:00
PeopleJam 主催の無料イベント"CONNECT"10/1横浜THUMBS UPにて開催決定!!
PeopleJam, zazo, tomodati, DJ Aflogical, mmfilms (VJ)
Acid Sugar Cublic -Live Set (Live Painting + Sound By DRTYKRFT/Live, VJ C3 from PeopleJam)
2014/10/01(WED) at 横浜THUMBS UP
"PeopleJam Presents CONNECT"
open 19:00 start 19:00 PJ 21:00(予定) CHARGE ¥0- FREE with Drink or Food Order

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